Saturday May 20, 2017 – COM Healer Reader Fair

Annabella Wood

Annabella Wood

The Connected Universe:

“We are all one.” “With God all things are possible.”

These sayings have been used by sages throughout time. Though we can feel that they are true, up until now we have had to take them on faith, but not anymore.

Join us as we unveil a new, science-based, math supported paradigm of how the universe works. We will explore a new world view called the Connected Universe with an introduction to some of the most eye-popping, mind-blowing discoveries about the world which is us. This worldview is the bridge that can span the gulf between science and spirituality. Merging these philosophies will help with the healing of our souls and our planet.

We will talk about some general scientific ideas, but we won’t be doing any math or hard science. Bring your psychic, reiki healing, channeling selves with curiosity and imagination as we explore a new understanding of physical reality, where everything is connected, and filled with hope and possibility.