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Asherah & Ariel Aentara

Asherah & Ariel Aentara

Heart Awakenings:

Asherah and Ariel Aentara have spent 30 years together in a dedicated spiritual partnership. They have been disciples of Indian spiritual masters Osho and Papaji. Through their years of meditation and spiritual practice, they came home to the realization of the divinity and oneness of ourselves and all existence. In this realization it is obvious that LOVE is the greatest gift of all.

Asherah and Ariel are dedicated to each other and to each person they work with. They strive to surrender to deeper and deeper levels of divine love—love that surpasses understanding, love that transcends time and space, love that is truly unconditional.

This unconditional love resides here and now, in our human hearts. Everything you can desire is right here, right now, in your heart. Though, paradoxically, this love can sometimes be elusive. It takes commitment to go within. It takes the courage to allow total vulnerability and total trust in each moment.

Asherah and Ariel aim to help each person they work with further open their heart to the love they already are, to experience love so deep it takes your breath away. Come experience the realization of yourself as bliss, freedom, and love!

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