Saturday May 20, 2017 – COM Healer Reader Fair

Cindy Friel

Cindy Friel

Psychic Tarot Readings:

Cindy Friel was introduced to tarot cards while in college and started doing readings for family and friends. Over 35 years later, She still finds the cards to be a useful tool to provide clients with information regarding the current situations they are facing in their lives. Insights into personal questions concerning love, money, career and health are often provided through a psychic tarot reading. A reading can also provide a glimpse into the energy surrounding your future.

The information provided can help you to focus your energy and give direction on how to proceed in a current situation. It can also caution on what to avoid or let go of. All in all, a psychic tarot reading is another tool to assist you in reaching your highest potential and help you live an enriched spiritual life.