Saturday May 20, 2017 – COM Healer Reader Fair

Dominique Rivera

Dominique Rivera

Guidance with The Ancient Oracle Pythia:

Pythia, commonly known as the Oracle of Delphi, was the name of the High Priestess of the Temple of Apollo in Ancient Greece. As the reincarnate of Oracle Pythia, Dominique Rivera can answer your questions using channeled information from angels, spirit guides, power animals, passed loved ones, ancestors, and ascended masters. Pythia brings these messages out of the dark void and into the light in a direct compassionate manner. She can help you find answers about your spiritual path, loved ones, future, past, and more.

Dominique Rivera is a Reiki Master/Teacher, IET practitioner, Ordained Minister, founder of H.O.W.L. Awareness Center, and Oracle. She came from an extensive line of sensitives and has worked on her spirituality since the age of 6. During her lifelong spiritual journey, Dominique learned that she is the reincarnate of Oracle Pythia. Dominique’s mission is to bring messages from the divine directly to you to promote awakening and healing.

H.O.W.L. Awareness Center, Philadelphia, PA