Saturday May 20, 2017 – COM Healer Reader Fair

Our group sessions combine a wonderful, diverse and powerful array of Channelers, Spirit and Angelic communicators, Sound Healing, and Psychic Mediums.

Our presenters are some of the most talented, well known, and gifted intuitives and healers in the region. We are offering their group sessions at extraordinarily low prices. We have a full day of events planned with these amazingly talented people!

Only $10 for 45 min group sessions
Or $25 for a day pass, including access to all groups


12:00-12:45pm – Sharon Cristofalo

Heart Loving Energy Healing Meditation: Experience Sharon’s channeled higher frequency modality, Touch of Christ Consciousness, which can bring healing on the soul level. Click for Details!


1:00-1:45pm – Karen Cressman

Toning and Light Language: With the help of her guides, Karen brings forth interdimensional toning sounds to help clear and balance your energy. Click for details!


1:00-1:45pm – Annabella Wood

The Connected Universe: Explore a new world view called the Connected Universe, with an introduction to some of the most eye-popping , mind-blowing discoveries about the connections between science and spirituality, and the world which is us.  Click for details!


2:00-2:45pm Sheryl Blumenthal

Messages from the Angelic Realm. Sheryl is one of the most well regarded Angelic communicators in the state of PA. Click for details!


2:00- 2:45pm – Susan DeLorenzo

Echoes of Love channeled toning session and guided messages: Susan uses her voice to channel beautiful and healing sacred sounds from the higher realms. Click for details!


3:00-3:45pm – Yanni Maniates

Developing your Intuition–A Journey of Awakening: Explore and experience how intuition can be an active presence in your life. Learn simple techniques for accessing your intuition.   Click for details!


3:00-3:45pm – Karen Steinbrecher

Qi Gong is a 5000-year-old practice that integrates slow-flowing movements and breathing to restore the body and the mind.   Click for details!


4:00- 4:45pm – Christi Maybo

Chipping Away at the Marble: Bringing out the extraordinary being of exquisite beauty in each of us. Click for details!


4:00- 4:45pm – Asherah & Ariel Aentara

Heart Awakenings: Come experience the realization of yourself as bliss, freedom, and love! Click for details!


5:00- 5:45pm – Sharon Kachel

Sound & Angelic Energy Healing Meditation: Become immersed in this sound healing meditation infused with Angelic Reiki and IET. Click for details!