Saturday May 20, 2017 – COM Healer Reader Fair

Kia Holloway

Kia Holloway


Kia Holloway first discovered her intuitive abilities at eight years old when she had a profound out of body experience. She began picking up precise psychic information about those around her two years later, when she was 10.

Since those beginnings, Kia has increasingly gained the ability to allow Spirit’s perspective on your life, your issues, blind spots, and possible pathways that have not been considered, what she calls “the different way”. She has uncanny insight for what she terms “the straight path for your success” in areas of concern and to see your next move on your journey. She also can pick up the energetics of those not physically present but pertinent to the reading.

Oftentimes her ability involves directly channeling of Spirit and Spirit’s guidance. She is highly precognitive and has come to be known by those in her circle of family and friends as “The Oracle”.