Saturday May 20, 2017 – COM Healer Reader Fair

Megan Conover

Megan Conover

Community Acupuncture:

Megan Conover, M.Ac., L.Ac is a licensed acupuncturist trained in a variety of styles and conditions not limited to pain management, digestive issues, women’s health, fertility, mental health, and cosmetic acupuncture, oncology support, and autoimmune diseases.

Megan works successfully on several people at once. For the Healer & Reader Fair, she will be treating four individuals per time slot. During your session, you will be around other people quietly receiving treatment at the same time. It is not a lack of privacy, but an opportunity to experience healing as a community. This shared healing can make each individual’s experience more powerful.


Megan brings a great deal of experience and passion to her practice. She has a Masters Degree in acupuncture, intensive clinical rotations, work in veteran’s clinics, and continuous specialty treatment courses. Megan is also continuing her path in Oriental medicine and is currently enrolled in the Chinese Herbal program at the Won Institute. She has studied Esoteric Acupuncture through the works of Mikio Sakei, facial rejuvenation, weight loss, and fertility through Dr. Martha Lucas. She has also further studied digestion, neurological disorders and mental health.

Megan was led to acupuncture after Chinese medicine changed her life during a health scare. This has provided a basis for Megan’s passion and drive. She often makes diet and lifestyle recommendations to assist her patients in taking their health to the next level. She blends Chakra balancing, sacred geometry, Reiki, and the Chinese meridian system. With uses these tools along with her extensive experience to align the energy of the body, mind, and spirit in order to treat the whole person.