Saturday May 20, 2017 – COM Healer Reader Fair

Pre-Registration is now closed.

Please join us at the Healer & Reader Fair to book your sessions! We still have some amazing sessions and groups left for you!


Create Your Day!
Schedule your healing, reading, or group event in advance to get the person and time slot of your choice! Scroll down for schedules and group times.

How to schedule in advance:

When scheduling multiple sessions, please choose and pay for each session individually at the discounted price.

  1. Choose a group event, single session, or multiple sessions (healings and readings)
  2. Choose the facilitator
  3. Choose May 20th on the calendar
  4. Choose your time
  5. Pay for that session or group event via paypal/credit card
  6. Repeat for EACH group or session you wish to purchase (multiple sessions are scheduled one at a time)


Each person may only schedule ONE session with each healer or reader. If you are scheduling sessions for another person, please use their name to make their appointments.

The Multiple Discount policy only applies to two or more sessions with healers or readers (You may mix and match them, paying one at a time.) It does NOT apply to mixing and matching groups with healers or readers.

If you have any issues or questions booking online, please contact Lisa Gidholm at 215-499-3211 or

Thank you for supporting Circle of Miracles!


20 min sessions. 1 for $25, 2 for $40

12pm – 3pm
Anne Logue
Asherah & Ariel Aentara
Danna Yahav
Dominique Rivera
Doreen Smith
Elizabeth Kullen
Leslie Ramos
Rhian Lockard
3:30pm – 6pm
Brett Pukay
Carol Morotti-Meeker
Cindy Friel
Karen Cressman
Kia Holloway
Nicole Campbell
Sarah Mills


20 min sessions. 1 for $25, 2 for $40

12pm – 3pm
Chas Bilera
Coco LaMaina
Dr. J Clauss
Dr. John Herbert
Glenda Smith Reiki Team
Linda Elliott
Pamela Koenig
Patricia Gonzalez
3:30pm – 6pm
Alison Kritzer
Annette & Paul Kroninger
Christina Golden
Glenda Smith Reiki Team
Megan Conover
Sofiya Mariya
Wendi Rose & Sam Haines

Group Events

$10 each, $25 for day pass

Sessions in Room 1
12:00-12:45pm – Sharon Cristofalo
1:00-1:45pm – Karen Cressman
2:00-2:45pm – Sheryl Blumenthal
3:00-3:45pm – Yanni Maniates
4:00-4:45pm – Christi Maybo
5:00-5:45pm – Sharon Kachel
Sessions in Room 2 (may be outside)
1:00-1:45pm – Annabella Wood
2:00-2:45pm – Susan DeLorenzo
3:00-3:45pm – Karen Steinbrecher
4:00-4:45pm – Asherah & Ariel Aentara