Saturday May 20, 2017 – COM Healer Reader Fair

Sheryl Blumenthal

Sheryl Blumenthal

Channeled Messages from the Angelic Realm:

Sheryl Blumenthal is a true channel; an instrument for the I AM. This child’s presence allows the loving grace from on high to support changes on a cellular level, as the light and word pouring through allows suffering and pain within a soul to become less tragic and more in alignment with the true divine being the divine sees each of us as.

Sheryl’s presentations are filled with love and contain messages and energy from Source to assist all present in their ability to fulfill their alignment with Divine truth and their essential nature. Individuals often are addressed and the message is tailored to those present at the time.

Referred to through the I AM as “Little One“, Sheryl has studied in England, Japan and the US.. She serves as a board of directors on many panels, including the Global Healing Foundation and the Global Council of Spiritual Teachers-an associate of the International Council of Spiritual Coaches (IASC). She has presented at the UN, holistic wellness centers, retreat programs, yoga practices, numerous fellowships and many other establishments throughout the US, and is hosted on radio and talk shows.

Her book, “Heaven’s Doorway” and CD’s: “Humanity’s Doorway” and “Love One Another“ support all who hear and read them, as they remind each of us to remember Who We Truly Are, as seen in full awareness through the eyes of heaven