Saturday May 20, 2017 – COM Healer Reader Fair

Susan DeLorenzo

Susan DeLorenzo

Echoes of Love Channeled Toning Session and Guided Messages:

We invite you to join Susan DeLorenzo as she utilizes her voice to channel sacred sounds from the higher realms. These channeled vibrational sounds include Ancient languages, tones, and chants. From a multidimensional linkage, Susan helps to attune those she works with to their souls’¬†true Essence.

These high vibrational energies of sound open a pathway that passes the mind, offering activation and alignment that help the body release discordant energies and blockages, thus making room for the higher vibrations of love to anchor in. Susan will be using the transformative capacities of Sound to re-write the DNA and return to its natural harmonic state.

During a group session, she often gets messages or energies to pass down information to individuals.

Let her and your Guides create a personal symphony just for you!

Susan DeLorenzo, an ordained COM Interfaith minister has been both a student and a teacher of spiritual awareness for decades. Susan is a certified Usui Reiki Master/Teacher as well as Past Life Regression Therapy, Hypnosis, IET, and Advanced Spiritual Intuitive Development. Channeled vibrational sounds, Echoes of Love, which include ancient light languages, tones, and chants, found their way into the many Reiki sessions adding another layer for healing.

Presently Susan offers group and private Echoes of Love sessions at Circle of Miracles, and in Washington Crossing, PA.