Saturday May 20, 2017 – COM Healer Reader Fair

Wendi Rose & Sam Haines

Wendi Rose & Sam Haines

IET® – Integrated Energy Therapy®:

Wendi and Sam are two of the most exceptional practitioners in our area using IET (Integrated Energy Therapy®) which was developed at the Center of Being by Steven J. Thayer and uses the violet angelic energy ray, brought to us through the nine healing angels of the energy field. It works directly with your spiritual DNA. They work together bringing a balance of the feminine/masculine energies to their healing work and their intention is to support people in experiencing and embracing deep and profound love for themselves—to realize that their life is truly remarkable!

IET is the art of healing with the pure and loving energy of Spirit and collaborative angelic support. Using gentle therapeutic touch, Wendi, Sam and specific angels will direct healing energy vibrations to particular areas on the body that hold blocked energy. This process will leave you feeling renewed and peaceful at the end of the session. IET is a safe, gentle, nurturing way to release patterns of the past and help you empower and balance your life.

Sam Haines

Founder at Wendi Rose: Heart Centered Healing Systems

Holistic Practitioner, Workshop Leader