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Yanni Maniates

Yanni Maniates

Developing your Intuition–A Journey of Awakening:

Intuition is an essential “Life-Skill.” In this class, you will explore and experience how Intuition can be an active presence in your life. Learn to trust your natural intuitive ability and learn to balance the ordinary world with the subtle, spiritual world.

Intuition is a natural skill that we are all born with that just needs to be refined, honed and trained. With the right techniques and training, you can fully uncover and recover your Intuitive senses. In this class, I will teach you a few simple and easy to apply techniques that will help you to access your Intuition. These skills will help you both practically and spiritually in all aspects your life.

I have been teaching Meditation, Intuitive Development, Healing, Hermetic Wisdom, Ancient Mystery School and Metaphysical subjects for over 25 years. My intention is to translate ancient wisdom teachings into modern, real-day, life skills. I have successfully trained hundreds of people to develop their Intuition. The primary focus of my work is to help people experience the “still, small voice within” or as I prefer to call it, “The Embrace.”

I am the author of six books on Meditation and Intuition, three Meditation CDs and numerous courses. As well, I have been doing “Soul Readings” for decades. In addition, I have been doing work on the international and national interfaith scenes as a subtle and spiritual activist.

Meditation CDs andMP3s: